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How To Win and Spend Mega Reward Points

mega reward point

First you must register to to start collecting Mega Reward Points. Registration is free and when you register, you win 50 Mega Reward Points as a gift from Megabite Pizza. For your every pizza order you get Mega Reward Points. For each $ you spend, you get 1 Mega Reward Point. For example when you buy a pizza for $12.39, you win 13 Mega Reward Points. When you reach 100 or more Mega Reward Points you can start spending them. 1 Mega point = 0.125 cent.

You can spend Mega Reward Points as money in Megabite web site. Mega Reward Points are just for online pizza orders. You are not able to get Mega Reward Points for beverages and other products but you can spend on them. If you have any question, you can reach us sending e-mail to

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